About Stellar Threads

My grandmother was an avid crocheter and knitter, and while I wish I could say I learned everything from her, she passed away when I was six years old. Eighteen years later, I picked up a crochet hook, tried it, failed miserably, put it down for a year, left the bag of yarn collecting dust under my nightstand until one day I decided to try it again.

Stellar Threads was established in 2020. As a stressed and strung-out graduate student, I turned to crochet to channel my nervous energy and make unique wardrobe pieces. At first, I just wanted to make beanies to help me get through the Colorado winter, but I slowly stumbled upon pattern writing and design. Things quickly went from “this is a fun hobby” to a crash course in becoming a bona fide crochetwear designer.

If you’re wondering where my patterns went, they are still available on Etsy for the time being, but I’m knee-deep in the process of re-building my pattern library. Slow and steady :) in the meantime, you can find me on YouTube.